Line of translation for the day …


Fēi Yáng 飛揚 (UB 58) treats wing-necked pheasant hemorrhoids.

From the Zhēn Jiǔ Zī Shēng Jīng  針灸資生經 (The Classic of Supplementing Life with Acupuncture) by Wáng Zhízhòng 王執中. Translated by Dr. Yue Lu, forthcoming.

This wins the line of the day, simply because describing a hemorrhoid like a wing-necked pheasant is about as poetic as you can get 😉 So next time you need to use UB 58, you can think “Pheasant or no pheasant? Is this going to be pleasant? Please don’t resent. For you have given me consent, and the growth of your hemorrhoid will now descent.” 😉 lol